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Some things are worth it

March 28, 2013

I’ve traveled to Taiwan a time or two before but it still amuses me the reactions by the locals when I disclose that I arrived to my destination by foot. “You walked?!?” If you really want to see the area you’re in, you need to slow down and actually look at it… Not whiz by on a scooter all of the time. My trek to An Ping took a bit over two hours for a 4.5 mile walk and included the first time I ever got lost. Come to find out, the address was wrong, but still… I should have known where to go. I gave up and continued on to my final destination – my friend’s office.

Walking the “sidewalks” in Tainan is very slow going. Tainan is scooter friendly, not pedestrian friendly. You’re constantly walking up and down the uneven pathways and often walking in the street dodging scooters because the walkway is blocked by parked scooters or tea shops.

It rained while I was well on my way. I wasn’t prepared for that. It then got super hot. Wasn’t prepared for that either. My shoes decided to rub my right heel raw so I was bleeding. I was prepared for that. One Bugs Bunny bandaid properly placed and I was in my way again. Got lost and the battery was draining on my nexus 7 tablet I was using Google maps on*. Not ideal.

Some journeys are worth the hassle. Had I not gotten lost, I would not have seen this parking garage:


Some journeys are worth the risk. Walking that distance on that road in that heat is not the safest way to spend an afternoon, but I survived.

Some journeys don’t have an immediate reward. I arrived to my friend’s office, flopped on the couch relieved to be off my feet and bummed because I didn’t score a decent shot of the area. She called me into her office and look at something. I didn’t want to make that simple 40 foot journey. I was done. The feet were up. I had a bottle of water. I was firmly planted on the couch. She yelled again. I grudgingly got up and walked across the lobby to her office. She told me to look out the window.

It was worth it.


*Got lost with Google maps? Yeah, I know but in Tainan I’ve noticed that sometimes it will send you to a location that is actually blocks away from the real address. Also, the romanized street names are inconsistent so it makes travel a little bit tricky.